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February 6, 2010
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A booby trap for a teacher

Ever since he had joined her art class at the beginning of the year, Michael had wanted to see Miss Robinson's bare feet. Every lesson, she would walk through the door wearing a stylish pair of black ballet flats with lace bows on the toes and a pair of completely opaque black socks on her small feet. Michael would sit in the corner every lesson and watch Miss Robinson allow her flats to slightly slip off the backs of her socked heels or cross her legs and perform exquisite heel pops. However she had never come to a class without a pair of socks on and she had never allowed her pretty little shoes to ever slip off her slender feet. And so because of the absolute torture of not knowing what the gorgeous young teachers feet looked like without footwear, Michael now sat in his room with a piece of paper on which he was jotting ideas down about how he could relieve Miss Robinson of her shoes and socks without alerting her of his involvement.

He had listed his ideas down the page like:

Ask Miss R if he could see her feet after class.

Claim his cousin was doing an art project involving parts of the body and would it be ok if he took pictures of Miss R's feet.

Accidentally pour water on her feet so she would have to dry her shoes and socks by the classrooms radiator.

However, Michael's favourite idea was inspired by a scene he had seen in the movie Home Alone years ago. He would spread roofing tar all over the steps that lead to Miss Robinson's office and hide himself somewhere and watch. At first Mike thought the idea was impossible but the more he thought about it, the more he thought it was worth the risk. He knew that Miss Robinson liked to get to her office at 8:00am, which was over a hour before anybody else would be anywhere near that part of the school complex. Now he had when and where set firmly in his head, Mike then wandered down to the basement of his house and liberated a large paint brush and a bucket of tar that his Dad had used to fix the shed roof. He placed his tools of the trade I his school bag along with a video camera to record his little 'booby trap'.  

Sitting on his bed, Michael looked back at the eighteen years he had been alive and reminisced about all the foot related experiences he had had. The reason he was eighteen and still in high school was that he had been kept back a year twice because he had spent more time watching his English teachers fantastic high heel shoe play instead of writing his dissertations. His earliest experience had been when his Auntie had been sitting talking to his Mother when he was three. Even at such a young age, Michael had wondered what his auntie's feet had looked like and had toddled over to her sneaker clad feet. Michael had then begun tugging on the shoe lace of one of her sneakers and his auntie just laughed. Then he set to work pulling the stained white lace from the eyelets of his nineteen year old auntie's converse sneaker. Instead of shouting, his aunty smiled and playfully began to jiggle her foot with the lace less sneaker. The shoe flopped loosely up and down on her foot to the point where it swung from her pink socked toes.
Michael remembered gently tugging the shoe off her socked toes and his aunty winking at him and telling his mother that her own young daughter also loved pulling her shoes off and that she didn't mind in the slightest. Michael remembered how the sneaker had smelled like rose perfume instead of the cheesy smell he had expected and how he had stuck his little nose into the shoe to take strong whiff of the wonderful scent of flowers. He had then crawled over to where his aunty had now crossed her ankles with her socked foot resting on her sneaker clad other foot. When he was up close, Michael realised that his aunties pink sock had little cotton roses sewn all over them in a dotted pattern and it was them that smelled strongly of flowers. Gathering up his courage, Michael then began to gently tug at the toe of her sock and his aunty looked down again with a smile.

"If you want my sock too, you're gonna have to work for it mister" she said with a gentle laugh.

She had then scrunched her toes up in her sock and stretched her legs out in front of her. Michael got a good grip on the sock and pulled with all his might. His aunty only resisted slightly and eventually, her sock shot off her foot and Michael landed on his behind with a laugh. His Aunty then wiggled her darkly tanned and delightfully round bare toes at him and shook her barefoot slightly from side to side in a waving gesture.

"Bye bye sock" she said in a gentle voice and grinned at him.

Michael had then sniffed the sock and his aunty giggled and said "I'm glad I'm wearing my scented socks Mikey, my feet smell really bad otherwise" Michael dropped the sock and began crawling on his hands and knees towards his aunties barefoot and  got his little fingers ready for a tickle. He ran his fingers along her tanned sole from her slightly calloused heel to her wonderfully smooth and round toes. When his fingers made contact with the sensitive and paler skin of her arch, his aunty jerked her foot and giggled.

If you want a tickle battle Mikey, lets get ready properly"

His Aunty reached down and unlaced her other converse sneaker and yanked it off followed by her other pink sock and placed them in her large bag that had had a huge picture of Kurt Cobain sewn onto it.  She then got on the floor and stretched her dark tanned bare feet out in front of her. Michael had then tickled her lovely bare soles and between her toes for several minutes before his aunty couldn't take it anymore and began to tickle him in retaliation.

The memory left Michael feeling cheerful and he made a mental note to try and see his auntie's feet again soon as they had matured to perfection now she was in her thirties and wearing high heels instead of sneakers.

The next morning Michael got up at 7:00am and got ready for school without waking his Mother or older sister and left for school. He got there at 7:20 and slipped soundlessly through the recently opened front doors and headed for the art department. Michael found Miss Robinson's office without a problem and began to put his plan into action. He grabbed the tar and brush out of his bag and lathered the first four dark concrete steps in the black and very sticky substance. The great thing about the tar was that it took several hours to lose its adhesive property so Michael knew his little plan would work. Michael stuffed the gear back into his bag and placed the camera on a high book shelf that overlooked the office steps and made his way towards a broom closet that overlooked the sticky scene. He slipped into the cupboard and placed his eye to the cupboards key hole.

At 7:59, Michael heard Miss Robinsons light footsteps echo along the corridor and pressed his eye closer to his spy hole. Robinson came into view as she walked slowly along the corridor and rooting in her bag for her office keys. She stepped onto the first two steps without even looking down and tried to walk up the next pair of steps without pausing. Her socked feet came free of her loose fitting ballet flats and stepped onto the next pair of tarred steps. Michael saw Miss Robinson drop her bag and exclaim "What the..?" She looked down at her black socked feet that were now adhered to the tar and turned her head to stare at her shoes that were now stuck on the previous stairs. After a few minutes of calling for help, Robinson began to try and pull her stocking feet free of the tarred stairs. Michael watched in ecstasy as Miss Robinson began tugging hard with her left leg, which had its foot stuck in the tar on the third stair.

Michael watched as more and more of the young teacher's sock slipped off her foot as she continued to yank with her leg. The wet sound of the tar refusing to yield its prey was music to Michael's ears and he almost fainted when he finally saw the sock slip from the ends of Miss Robinson's long and slender toes. Robinson now stood on one leg on the stairs with her heavenly smooth and pale bare sole pointing straight at Michael's hiding place. Black cotton fluff from her now lost sock was sandwiched cutely between her long sexy toes and was stuck to the bottom of her slightly pink heel. She placed her barefoot on the tar free step above where her other socked foot was still stranded. Michael could now see Miss Robinson's big pedicured toe nails, which were painted in a lovely shade of pink that contrasted perfectly with the pale skin of her exposed foot. Mike could also see the young teachers wonderfully sculpted and prominent ankle peeking out from beneath the cuff of her black tight-fit jeans as she began to struggle with freeing her other trapped foot.

Michael watched intently again as Miss Robinsons other sock began to lose its game of tug-of-war with the viscous black tar. With a last loud sucking sound, the teachers other sock sprung from her pale toes like an elastic band. Michael caught another long glimpse of Miss Robinson's pale sole, which was slightly wrinkled because of the way she had her wonderfully long toes scrunched up as she balanced on one leg.  Miss Robinson placed her other barefoot on the tar free step and leaned against the dark oak door of her office. She was panting and Michael saw her rub the pale toes of her left foot against the pink painted toes of her right. Suddenly, Miss Robinson leapt down and over her stuck footwear and the tarred steps and landed perfectly on her lovely bare feet like a professional gymnast. The loud slap of her pale soles making contact with the hard floor sent a shiver of pleasure down Mike's spine and he watched Miss Robinson storm barefoot down the corridor in search of a caretaker.

As soon as the coast was clear, Michael opened the closet door and stepped over to his teacher's reluctantly relinquished footwear. He got onto his knees and buried his face into the first stranded ballet flat. The strong odour of cheese, vinegar and perfume was the most amazing scent that Michael had ever smelled and he shivered again. He stuck his tongue out and licked the dark sweat marks her toes had left on the beige insole of the shoe and tasted the true cheesiness of Miss Robinson's amazing bare feet. Michael couldn't believe how much Miss Robinson's feet smelled and found himself falling hopelessly in love with her bare feet then and there. Michael then moved on to his teacher's socks, which he could smell long before he buried his nose into the damp and sweaty cotton. The socks smelled even stronger of Miss Robinson's cheesy feet and he began to pull her sock free of the tar with both hands. Eventually, the tar yielded and Michael put the sock in his lunch box and stuffed it back into his school bag.

Suddenly, Michael heard the soft slapping of bare feet on concrete followed by the clicking of high heels on concrete. Panicking, Mike jumped over the tarred steps and began working on the office lock with a paper clip. Miss Robinson's door opened just as the footsteps began to get closer and Michael quickly hid himself beneath her desk. A couple of minutes later, Michael heard a set of bare feet jump and make contact with the top step and Michael watched Miss Robinson's pale bare feet stride into the room and stop right in front of her desk. She then perched herself on the corner of her desk and allowed her creamy white feet to dangle. The high heeled feet then strode into the room and sat in the chair facing the desk.

"The tar must have put there since last night" Miss Robinson said.

"And you say one of your socks is now missing?" The other voice belonged to Mrs Patterson, the forty year old principal of Michael's school and Michael froze in fear.

"Yes, that's the strange thing" Robinson replied.

Michael watched with curiosity as Mrs Patterson's feet gently slid from her grey high heels with the glorious sound of nylon tights rubbing against shoe leather and the clip clop of the heels hitting the floor. The principal then stretched her stocking feet out in front of her beneath the desk, only a couple of centimetres from Michael's face. Patterson's beige tights made her slightly wide but still amazingly attractive feet glisten in front of his eyes. Her stocking feet were so close; Michael could see the lovely age wrinkles and dark skin of her soles and fought hard with the urge to lick the soles of her gorgeous mature feet. Amazingly, the principals feet didn't smell of anything but the leather of her obviously new leather court shoes and Michael found himself mesmerised by every little toe wiggle of his new mature foot muse.

Suddenly, a piece of paper fluttered to the floor next to Michael and he noticed something written on it. Silently, he unfolded the paper beneath the desk and read the note.

'I know you're down there Michael, rub my feet and I won't tell Miss Robinson
Mrs Patterson.'

Michael stared at the note in disbelief but was brought to his senses by the Principal wriggling her round little toes in front of his face. He grabbed her left foot and began to run his thumbs along her nylon covered sole. Michael watched as the principals toes scrunched up in pleasure as he began to run his hands all over her stocking feet and even her still glamorous ankles. The next few minutes were the best of Michaels' life, watching Miss Robinson's pale bare soles as she moved her gorgeous bare feet around nervously as she spoke with Mrs Patterson. He saw her pink toe nails glint in the light and he shivered as he continued to feel the contours of the principal's mature soles under his hands. Eventually, Mrs Patterson pulled her stocking feet from his grasp and stuffed them back into her heels. She stood up and walked towards the door and paused.

"If you will just follow me Miss Robinson, we shall search high and low for this 'sock' thief"

Michael watched Robinson's bare feet slide onto the floor and watched the now slightly dirty bare soles hobble towards the door as if she didn't want her poor sensitive feet to make contact with the floor. Her gorgeous long toes and then her amazing heels vanished through the door and Michael was left alone to sneak away and get to his art lecture with his barefoot teacher.

To be continued.
I'm in the midst of relocating my old stories from barefoot literature, heres my teacher one :aww:
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Awesome story!
Foxy-Feet Jun 24, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you! :w00t: :dance:
You're welcme. :)
a cant wait 4 part 2
Foxy-Feet Aug 24, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
I'll see what I can do :aww: So glad you like our stories :w00t: :dance:
Foxy-Feet Aug 24, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
No Problem :aww:
Lucky Michael! Well written mate :)
Foxy-Feet Jul 23, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks so much! :aww: glad you like it :w00t: :dance:
no worries mate.
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