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August 25, 2010
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Professor gets tickled

'Don't forget your essays due next week. Class dismissed.' Professor Paige called to her students as they began to eagerly stuff their books back into their bags. Paige tutored at the Brine-head College for girls and knew that all of her students saw her as a complete hard ass. However, the professor was barely thirty herself and took this title indignantly because of how she had tried to bond with her class. She was strict but at a school where it cost thousands a year for the girls to attend, strictness was the only way to get the girls through their exams.

Paige watched as the all too familiar trio of thorns in her side huddled together near her desk whispering and pointing at her. Jessica Morris, Janine Warren and Sarah Parker were by far her worst students and Paige hated them almost as much as they hated her.

'Move along girls.' Paige said sternly.

Suddenly, the girls strode towards her desk with rolls of duct tape spinning on their manicured fingers.

'I don't think so' Jessica sneered as Janine seized Paige's arms and Sarah slapped a strip of tape onto her professor's mouth. Jessica ran her roll of tape around Paige's arms and torso, nearly mummifying her to the chair. Paige's eyes grew wide as the girls took a step back and admired their handiwork with grins etched on their young faces.

'Well Professor me and the girls are getting tired of you marking us down on our term papers. No A's mean no spring break and we can't have that.' Janine said, fiddling absently with her Armani glasses.

'Yeah we think you could do with a smile on your face.' Sarah piped up.

Jessica walked over to Paige and pushed her chair out from under her desk, exposing the Professor's legs, clad in a knee length skirt and brown calf length leather boots.  Sarah wandered over and knelt by Paige's feet while Janine began to unpack seemingly random items from her bag.  She placed several feathers, a toothbrush and a tub of petroleum jelly on the desk and winked at Sarah.

'Mmmmm!' Paige mumbled.

Sarah grabbed hold of the Professor's left leg and deftly pulled the zip down on her boot and yanked it off, tossing it aside. Paige tried to lash out but Sarah wrapped her arm around both of her ankles and giggled with delight. She hooked her long manicured fingers into the top of the Prof's pink sock and pulled it tortuously slowly down her leg and off the back of Paige's voluptuous pink heel, along her wrinkly arch and finally off the tips of her long toes.

'Peeeww Professor, your feet stink of mouldy cheese!' Sarah crowed as she dropped the sock.  Paige tried to conceal her barefoot beneath her booted one but Jessica took a seat on a nearby chair grabbed hold of her leg, laying it across her lap. Janine approached with a wallpaper brush dripping in P Jelly and began to run it along Paige's exposed pink sole.  The bristles moved in between the professor's sumptuous long toes and Paige giggled in spite of the gag.  The brush continued on its journey down the Prof's exposed sole and the ticklish fibres found their way into the cute wrinkles that littered Paige's sensitive arch.

'Mmmmmmhahah!' Paige laughed through the tape.  She kicked out with her barefoot but Janine kept the brush in place as it finished at her immaculate pink heel.  Janine kissed Paige on the forehead and cackled as she returned to her tools. She picked up one of the feathers and began to run its tip between her fingers as Paige braced herself for what was next. Sarah yanked the gag off her mouth and the Professor took in some deep breaths before the tip of the feather made contact with her succulent big toe.

Will you give us better grades?' Janine asked, running the feather gently along Paige's toe. The Prof threw her head back and shrieked in laughter, trying her best to struggle free of Jessica's vice grip.

'No please!!' No more'

Janine stopped and absently began to pick at the flaking red nail polish on Paige's poor bare toes.

'You should really get a pedicure Prof. Now will you make our term reports look amazing?'

'I…I can't lie girls, I'm sorry. Let me go and…hahahahaha!'

Paige was unable to finish as Janine slid the feather in between Paige's toes and made her explode into fresh hilarity.  The sensitive skin between her long slightly tanned toes from a long forgotten summer was alight with unavoidable sensation and the professor felt as if her lungs would explode.  She barely noticed as Sarah took off her other boot and sock and placed them with their twins into a duffel bag.  She then took up the tickling on Paige's other barefoot and the poor professor found herself writhing beneath her duct tape entombment.

'Please girls I'm…hahaha…sorry but I can't…heeeeeee!'

Sarah's long finger nails had found their way to Paige's soft arch and the tickle torment was becoming too much.  The Professor scrunched her toes but the girls only began to tickle the wrinkled skin the action had created.  Jessica and Sarah suddenly let go of Paige's legs and her bare feet made contact with the ice cold floor tiles for the first time. The Professor raised her poor pink soles onto tip toe so the freezing cold wouldn't add to her discomfort. Jessica and Sarah returned with another chair and taped Paige's legs at the ankle to it.  Janine meanwhile had been busy coating the toothbrush in more petroleum jelly and came back with a manic grin on her face.

'You're gonna be begging to change our reports Prof.'

Janine lunged forward and dragged the toothbrush down the length's of Paige's pink bare soles and the professor screamed in mirth.  The brush found its bay underneath Paige's toes and the professor decided enough is enough.  

'Ok Ok girls I'll change your reports.' She said between giggles.

The girls high fived each other and cheered.

'There you go doc, wasn't that hard was it?' Jessica asked with a smirk.

Sarah cut the tape binding Paige with some scissors but took up the duffel bag with the Prof's shoes and socks in it and threw it over her back.

'We think a sobering walk in the snow barefoot will finish this lesson.' Janine said with a cruel smile as the girls left.

The walk home wasn't as hard as Paige had first thought it might be. The freshly fallen snow had at first burned her bare toes and soles a bright red with the cold but even the Prof had to admit, the naked footprints she was leaving in the snow were very cute. Huffing and puffing, Paige clambered up the ice lined metal stairs to her apartment and flicked the kettle on and grabbed the kitchen sink bowl.  Half an hour later, the Professor had the girl's performance reports in front of her with her poor bare feet soaking in the hot water of the kitchen bowl.  And with a quick flick of the wrist, Paige wrote three F's on the girl's reports and began to search the phone book for a decent pedicurist.
A sequel to a booby trap techer :aww:
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Nickdust Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2011
definitely a classic with a nice twist at the end!
Foxy-Feet Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks so much mate! :aww:
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PipeSmokingGentleman Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
secretlurker Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2010
It's so well written. I feel the victim's reactions are quite accurate! :aww:
Foxy-Feet Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you very much! :aww: really glad you enjoyed it :w00t: :dance:
The30mono Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2010
awsome story
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