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February 6, 2010
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Resident Evil: Tickles

Dramatis Personae

Rebecca Chambers- S.T.AR.S. Member

Jill Valentine- S.T.A.R.S. Member

Boy this mansions creepy, Rebecca Chambers thought as she moved cautiously through one of the houses first floor bedrooms. Her green combat boots made each floor board creek unbearably and Rebecca kept expecting one of the marauding zombies to come bursting in and feast on her pale flesh.  However no un-dead diner presented itself so Chambers forced herself to relax and headed for the door at the far end of the room.

Suddenly, the floorboards beneath Rebecca's size five booted feet began to tremble and green tentacles burst from beneath the wood and began whipping violently around the room. Chambers dived for the door but the tentacles seized her arms at the wrists and elbows and dragged her away from her only means of escape. The thorns of the plants tentacles ripped into the white sleeves of her S.T.AR.S. uniform as they further constricted Rebecca's movements. More tentacles looped themselves around Chambers waist just below her green tactical vest and squeezed. Rebecca's eyes were suddenly drawn to her feet where numerous tentacles appeared to be playing with her boot laces.

'What the…' Rebecca gasped.

The tentacles seized the lace of her left boot, deftly untied it and tore it from the boots eyelets.  Rebecca's lace-less boot began flopping loosely on her foot and she had to dig her socked toes into the insole to stop it flying off.  However, her long toes were no match for the plants tentacles, which yanked the boot off and flung it aside.  Unfortunately, the green appendages did not stop there; they began to poke at the sweaty socked toes of Rebecca's stocking foot.

'Haha hooo please not my toes, I'm sooo ticklish.' She giggled.

In reply, the tentacles forced themselves in between her long socked toes and tickled harder. Chambers giggled uncontrollably and tried to pull her foot free of the tentacles ticklish grasp. Rebecca succeeded but at the cost of her white sports sock, which got caught on one of the plants many thorns and was dragged off her foot in the struggle. Rebecca's pale, pink soled foot was now completely exposed and the plant took complete advantage. The tentacles snaked in between her long bare toes and tickled the sensitive pink skin in-between them. Rebecca's poor pale toes wiggled wildly as the plant pressed its attack.

More tentacles began to work on Rebecca's pink smooth sole and began by racing themselves along her strong well formed arch.  They stopped at her heel and began to draw concentric circles around the circumference of the pink callous-less skin. Rebecca prided herself on the baby softness of her feet but it was working against her now in this ticklish situation. The thorns of one of the tentacles began to scratch gently at the wrinkles of Rebecca's milky arch and she howled with laughter.

'I'm begging you, stop pleeease stop!' she screamed.

The plant paused in its ticklish onslaught and Rebecca took a deep breath in relief. She stared at her crimson painted toe nails and prayed the plant wouldn't recommence its assault.  However the plant was merely forming its next attack and began to work on the laces of her other boot. Chambers struggled to free her booted foot but the plant seized her shin and pulled the shoe off. The sock soon followed and the plant bound Rebecca's bare feet together at her narrow ankles and her succulent big toes. The tentacles then ran themselves mercilessly along her pink bare soles and Rebecca thought she was going mad as she giggled and giggled. Her pale red painted toes reflexively clenched and unclenched as the tentacles continued their mission.

The tentacles attacked her arches again and Rebecca could feel her irresistibly smooth skin wrinkle, which made it tickle even more. Suddenly, the plant sprayed water all over her soft soles and Rebecca cringed when she realised why. The tickling tentacles rubbed themselves all over her wet bare feet and Chambers didn't know how much more her poor pink soles could handle. She could feel her toes digging into the rough surface of the tentacles and screamed when she saw what was crawling off the plant and onto her sensitive and exposed feet.

Meanwhile, in the mansions garden…

Jill Valentine grumbled as yet another bramble tore at her jeans. She was struggling her way through the mansions garden and found that even the flora of this hellish house seemed determined to skin her alive.  Suddenly, Jill's boots sunk to her ankles in an unnoticed bog and she struggled to remain upright.  When she tried to take a step, her feet remained rooted fast in the oozy bog. Despite her best efforts, Jill could just feel her boots begin to sink further, dragging her along with them.

The options seemed bleak but a thought suddenly struck Jill.  She grabbed her combat knife from her shoulder sheath and began to hack at her boot laces. She was able to cut far enough down on her right boot to wrench her socked foot free and reluctantly place it back into the ooze for support while she cut at her other boot.  The blade was getting clogged with mud and Jill cursed as half of the lace still remained intact.

'Shit.' She grumbled.

Jill pulled at her remaining booted foot and she felt the lace strain and eventually snap. Jill pulled her other stocking foot free of her lost boot and slapped it into the bog. She struggled and lifted her other foot free of the marsh and took another step forward. However, with every step Jill took, she could feel her socks sliding down her legs and down to her ankles. Eventually, Jill felt her left sock slip over her heel and off the ends of her pale round toes. The dirt was ice cold against Jill's size seven barefoot as she struggled her way towards a hopeful escape.  Jill didn't even notice that her other sock had been lost to the marsh until a sharp rock cut into the delicate sole of her right foot.

'Ouch! Shit, why won't this night end?'

The marsh eventually tapered off near a paved courtyard and Jill was able to get her cold and dirty bare feet onto the secure concrete. Her large and normally immaculate polish less toe nails now had dirt caught beneath them and her lovely fleshy soles were freezing cold and nearly black from the wet mud. Jill noticed a stained table cloth hanging from a toppled patio table and used it to clean her poor bare feet as best she could.

A few minutes later, Jill placed the somewhat cleaner sole of her left foot on the step that lead to the kitchen door and pushed it open. The worn linoleum felt lumpy but warm beneath Jill's pink bare soles as she crossed it but anything beat the sticky soup she'd just struggled her way through.  There was a horrifically decomposed zombie eating something red and disgusting on the floor ahead of Jill so she cocked her 9mm and shot the pathetic creature twice in the head before carefully stepping over its crumpled form and into a lushly carpeted dining room. Jill's short round toes sank into the dusty carpeting and she let out a groan of relief.  At last something to warm my toes up she thought as she crossed the deserted room.

Jill normally went barefoot at home and sometimes she even took her shoes off in the S.T.A.R.S. Office when it was summer, but going around a dank and dusty mansion was pushing it. After leaving the dining room, her poor bare soles were treated to the wood panelled floor of the lobby, which after only a few seconds treated her to a splinter.

'Ow! Why did I have to lose my boots?'

She limped over to a display table and perched herself on it edge with her round and fleshy bare feet dangling a centimetre from the floor.  She lifted her painful foot and placed it's slightly dirty and smelly sole to her mouth. She worked the splinter free with her teeth and made a mental note to get some deodorising insoles for her new boots if she ever got out of here.  Jill walked over to the large central stair case and headed further into the mansion barefoot and confused.

To be continued.
The beginnings of a story i'm thrashing out at the moment

Comment and tell me what you think :aww:
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LarcenTyler Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014
I've always wanted to see a story where Rebecca gets tickled.
Demonkingx666 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Awesome story dude. I cant wait for the next story.:)
Foxy-Feet Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you! :la:
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Foxy-Feet Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
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Not bad my man... you must be an author...I really want to see a sequel
Foxy-Feet Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you very much mate! :aww: I'll try do do a sequel at some point :w00t: :dance: sorry for the late reply :)
Abacrius Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the way you described Jill's feet. Perfect in every way.
Foxy-Feet Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks so much! :aww: really glad you enjoyed it :w00t: :dance:
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