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August 30, 2010
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Amelia loved her job. The Barefoot Club was an amazing nightclub at the far end of town that catered to a special kind of woman. Women came from out of state to enjoy the services that Amelia and the other girls provided. This special club was devoted entirely to the pampering and downright worship of female feet.

Amelia admired the crimson pedicure one of the other girls had given her during downtime the other night and gave her long pale toes a satisfied wiggle before slipping her smooth size five feet into her patent black high heels and stepped out of her dressing room. The clubs main room was quiet; some of the girls had their heels kicked off beneath bar tables and were enjoying cocktails on the house. Amelia stole a glance at their soft wrinkly soles resting on footrests of the stools and she felt a familiar warmth settle in her tummy.

Ever since she could remember, Amelia had had what her friends would later call a foot fetish. However, even more unconventionally Amelia found that she only had a love for female feet. As a teen, Amelia had always convinced relatives and friends to submit to one of her amazing foot massages using the best moisturisers followed by painting their gorgeous toe nails with lovely vibrant colours.

In fact Amelia could remember convincing her aunty Jane, a notorious anti-barefoot 'proper' woman to accept her foot services. It had been a cold winter and Jane had come to visit Amelia's mother who was away on business. When this happened, Jane would often stay for a cup of coffee with her niece before heading back.

'And then Claude said he couldn't possibly work over and I was left to cover two shifts at the restaurant.' Jane complained.

Teenage Amelia listened with half an ear while her eyes focused on Jane's boot clad feet, which were stretched out on her mother's freshly steamed sofa. Realising this could be the opportunity she'd been waiting for, Amelia piped up.

'Excuse me Aunty Jane but if you're gonna stretch out like that, could you please take your boots off?'

Jane looked slightly annoyed but silently and as casually as she could muster unzipped her knee high snow boots and left them tucked near the sofa. She then swung her slightly smelly socked feet back onto their perch on the sofa arm nearest Amelia and resumed talking.

'That's actually much better, I've been on my feet all day because of Claude's laziness and…'

Jane ceased her tirade the moment Amelia had seized her left foot, yanked the sock off and applied her 'magical' thumbs to her aunts mature but still absolutely stunning sole. Amelia dug her thumbs into Jane's slightly pink arch and watched as her aunt's adorably round toes with their chipped black nail polish scrunch up in pleasure.

'That's wonderful Amy but you really don't have too…ohhhhhhh'

Amelia began to knead Jane's toes and work the tension from her tired aunt's gorgeous foot. Jane eventually even pulled off her other sock for Amelia to continue the amazing foot rub. Amy moved between both of her aunts naked soles, paying particular attention to her sore heels and irresistible toes. The very slight calluses on Jane's soles were Amelia's next target as she nonchalantly reached for her bag of foot products and gently applied vanilla moisturiser to the Jane's cute size five soles.

The massage lasted for nearly an hour and when Amelia finished she had offered to paint Jane's toe nails a more forgiving shade of pink to which her aunt had readily agreed. In order to show off her niece's handiwork to her family, Jane had even borrowed a pair of Amelia's mother's flip-flops to drive home in and chucked her boots into her large handbag. She had however left her socks behind, which Amelia had kept as a smelly souvenir of one of her most enjoyable feet encounters.  

Amelia shook herself from her reverie and gave Tina's gorgeous ebony feet with their creamy pale soles a lasting glance. Tina was one of the clubs best foot girls and Amelia's best friend. They often booked a private suite in the club and spent hours worshipping each others feet. However, tonight Amelia had a client waiting on one of the fetish suites. The club's second floor had five private upstairs suites, each decked out to represent a specific fetish.

Room One was the tickle torture and bastinado suite and was equipped with stocks, manacles and a whole manner of feathers, brushes and rods with which the clients feet could be mercilessly tickled or whipped.

Room Two was a Thai foot massage parlour decked out like an ancient temple and was staffed by genuine Thai massage girls who also did amazing pedicures for extra commission. The room also contained an amazing salt scrub bath that always left Amelia's bare feet feeling smoother than silk.

Room Three was the stuck room which had a floor coated in a viscous and unbelievably stick mixture of bubble gum and gummy bears that stuck bondage clients walked across with a girl of their choice and lose their footwear in the sticky mess before enjoying the soft warmth of the mixture pushing between their toes.

Room Four contained the pleasure/pain suite with inlaid hot coal trails and scattered broken glass for the clientele to step on with their sexy bare feet. The room was also monitored by the clubs resident first aider at all times.

The fifth and final suite was Amelia's personal favourite and her destination for the evening. Room five was the foot worship suite, decked out with a luxury king size bed with cabinets full to the brim with every imaginable oil, cream and nail polish as well as foot massagers and all the soft furnishings of a six star room at any Hilton Hotel.

Amelia kicked her heels off the moment she entered and allowed her silky pale bare feet sink into the deep white carpet of the room. The fibres rubbed in between her slender toes as she walked towards the bed and Amelia had to take a breath to stop herself from giggling. The cool material even seemed to massage her perfectly formed heel and stroke her wrinkly arches.

Waiting for Amelia on the bed was her client for the evening, Detective Penelope Martinez. The detective had removed her own high heels at the door to the bathroom and now had her nylon coated feet hanging off the edge of the bed in a beyond seductive manner.

'Kiss my Feet.' Martinez commanded.

'Yes Ma'am.'

Amelia immediately got on her hands and knees and began to kiss the detectives hosed soles. Amelia could feel herself getting turned on as she always did with the salty taste of Penelope's sweaty feet assaulting her tongue and the cheesy odour wafting up her nose. The kissing soon became the full on sucking of Martinez's toes and the detective groaned in ecstasy. Amelia forced her tongue in between the detective's short round toes and began to tear open her hosiery with her teeth.

Soon, Penelope's bare toes were exposed and Amelia wrapped her tongue around them and sucked them so hard she could feel the detective's toe nails tickling the back of her throat. Amy ripped the hose further, revealing the rest of the detective's gorgeous Hispanic tanned feet and licked the golden soles of her feet. The licking soon became biting and Amelia managed to get an almighty groan from Martinez as she bit down on her wrinkly golden arch.

Amelia finished with gently kissing Penelope's sore heels and felt a ripple of gratitude emanate from Martinez's absently wiggling toes. The session eventually moved on to a thorough foot massage that once again reminded Amelia of her teenage years as well as the painting of the detective's large shimmering toe nails in a nice shade of turquoise.

The detective left barefoot and carrying her shoes the way she always did and Amelia took advantage of her downtime between clients to take a trip to the Thai Room for a full massage and pedicure. The girls used her favourite lemon grass oil during the massage and by the time they were finished, Amelia's legs had turned to jelly. She stumbled her way back to the front desk to pick up her next client.

Part Two coming next week hope you enjoyed it
Here's a rather sexy story I came up with earlier ;)

Hope you enjoy :aww:
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And I've heard that some clubs in the U.S. partcularly in Philly and California host foot fetish parties with local foot models and strippers in attendance :aww:

But its my dream to one day run a club like that so maybe there will be ;)
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