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February 17, 2011
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The Unlucky Receptionist

Michaela Brown was a receptionist at the prestigious Rouge Hotel. It was great pay for sitting on her ass painting her long sexy toenails and occasionally answering the phone. However, her apartment was nearly two miles away and with her car in the shop for the forth time this month, Michaela found herself reluctantly walking to work. Unfortunately for her crimson stiletto heels were part of the uniform and after only a quarter mile Michaela's soft size five feet were killing her.

She glanced at her watch and decided to sit on a bench outside the bistro for a minute. She sat down and immediately kicked her shoes off, stretching her fishnet clad feet out in front of her and crossing her ankles. She wiggled her toes freely and smiled proudly at the white polish on her toenails. She had devoted her entire evening to making sure the polish was neat and complimented her dark ebony skin perfectly.  Michaela kind of wished she hadn't worn her new fishnets to work because her favourite thing to do on cold mornings like this was to place her milky white soles on the thick carpet beneath her desk and enjoy the under-floor heating the Rouge had recently installed.

Wiggling her toes once more in the morning air, Michaela used her long toes to drag her shoes from under the bench and slipped her slender feet back into their painful confines. Continuing on her way, she noticed a new dress shop had opened and allowed her attention to be drawn by a sexy midnight cocktail dress that hung so wonderfully off the display dummy. Not noticing where she was going, Michaela suddenly stumbled forward and felt the heel of her right shoe sink. Looking down she saw that her stiletto heel had jammed itself between the bars of a sewer grate.

Groaning, Michaela tried taking a step forward but only managed to step out of her trapped shoe.  She slipped her foot back into it, dug her toes into the crimson leather and yanked with all of her might. Overbalancing, she fell back and landed on her ass with the shoe still stuck fast in the grate. Cursing, Michaela crawled over to her shoe and grasping it firmly with both hands pulled.  The heel snapped off the shoe with a crack and she tumbled backwards into a pile of discarded boxes that were stacked next to the dress shop.  

Breathless, she glared at the broken shoe and threw it at a dumpster before yanking its partner off her other foot and tossed it aside. Michaela got to her feet and felt the cold concrete of the sidewalk press against her fishnet soles. Shivering, she took a few tentative steps to get used to walking in stocking feet and then continued on as casually as she could down the street.  As she began to meet people making their own way to work, Michaela felt her ears burn in embarrassment as their glances would linger on her shoeless feet as she walked past them. Unfortunately the nearest shoe shop was several blocks from the hotel and she was running way too late now to even consider picking up a replacement pair.

'Worst day ever' She grumbled to herself.

Michaela stormed past a group of gawking cleaners who were vacating an office block and heard a disconcerting ripping sound come from her leg. Her eighty dollar stocking was caught on a jagged brick jutting out from the building. Despite gently trying to work the stocking free, the thread became completely torn around the top of her leg and the stocking slipped down her leg and pooled like water around her foot.  Looking up accusatorily at the sky, Michaela tried pulling the stocking back up but the strands of fabric were too smooth and the ruined fishnet just shot off her leg again. Groaning, Michaela glared at the giggling cleaners and stormed off down the street, her naked foot slapping loudly against the concrete.

Michaela stumbled around the corner and realised how ridiculous the lone stocking looked on her right leg so she unhooked it from its garter and stuffed it into her handbag. Barefoot, she edged her way down the street towards the hotel. As she walked, she could feel the pieces of loose gravel nibbling at her milky high arches and the ice cold concrete burning her voluptuous soles with every step. The white polish on her toes was growing more tarnished by the second and was beginning to turn grey as Michaela's bare toes became further coated in the grime of the street.

Shivering, Michaela reached the doors of the Rouge Hotel and shuffled into the quiet foyer.  Making sure to wipe her filthy soles on the coarse welcome mat, Michaela then made for the ladies restroom.  Perched on the corner of the sinks, Michaela grimaced at her filthy soles with only her inside arches as testament to their normal creamy white appearance. The perfect black foot impressions looked almost painted on but she shuddered to think what the dirt actually was. Michaela scrubbed at her feet with hot water and paper towels and when she was satisfied she stepped as confidently as she could back into the foyer.

She quietly took her seat behind her desk and put her handbag in a position that would obscure her shoeless situation.  Michaela placed her bare soles onto the carpet but only felt the ticklish fibres and no reassuring warmth. She looked under her desk and noticed the under-floors access panel open and realised there would be no consoling warmth for her poor bare feet. Staring down at them, Michaela was proud of how nice her feet looked naked. Most of her friends had bunions from too many nights of dancing in heels or calloused skin from being on their feet all day. But Michaela had always taken pride in her feet because as her pedicurist had once pointed out you only get one pair.

She took in the slender tops of her feet with their shimmering ebony skin, scrunched her long toes and tilted her feet so she could admire her immaculate white soles.  All in all they were gorgeous feet and Michaela was curious of whether her colleagues had equally nice examples.  Georgina, her manager always wore boots to work and never showed off her feet and legs and Michaela had always been curious of why. Unable to think of anything else, she left her desk and padded across the lobby to where her boss had her office.  Georgina was sat with her booted feet resting on her desk flicking through some reports when Michaela entered. Georgina put the reports down and stared at Michaela's bare feet.

'Where in the hell are your shoes Miss Brown?'

Michaela blushed and curled her long toes, burying them into the deep carpet.

'Erm, I kind of had an accident on the way to work and…'

'What are you doing here Miss Brown?'

Michaela swallowed and realised how stupid the whole idea was. It wasn't as if she could just ask her boss to take her shoes off could she?  Taking a deep breath, she tried to come up with a decent enough reason to be in the office but instead blurted out.

'You always wear boots and I was wondering what your feet looked like Ma'am!'


Your feet Ma'am, I was wondering if I could see them.'

Michaela couldn't believe she was asking her boss if she could see her feet. Georgina looked at her as if Michaela had gone crazy but after a few tense seconds shrugged.

'If that's how you get your kicks Michaela I don't mind showing you this once. Just don't go spreading this around the office.'

Georgina reached forward and unzipped her boots and worked them off her feet by rubbing the heels against the surface of her desk. The shoes dropped to the floor with a clunk and she gestured at Michaela.

If you want to see them that badly then take my socks off.'

Michaela shuffled forward and gently pulled off her bosses red socks. This revealed the palest feet she had ever seen but they were well kept and smelled delightfully of lavender soap. Georgina's toes were short but cutely round and she had her nails painted black in contrast to her pale skin. Her soles were pink and slightly wrinkly at the arches but were otherwise silky smooth. With the exception of a few dots of sock fluff between her toes, Georgina's feet were in perfect shape.

'Thank you Ma'am'

'You'd better get back to your desk Miss Brown.'

'Yes Ma'am.'

The End.
A story about a Receptionist and her very bad day ;)
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SabrinaEspeon Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014
OMG Michaela is my real name! Spaz attack 
JackStryker Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2011
Nice story. Sucks to be her friends though.
Foxy-Feet Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks so much mate! :aww:
God-of-Toskonot Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2011
great story :3
i do have fanbtasy-stuff as my favourite genre but this is great to! :3 have a new fav.-genre x3
Foxy-Feet Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks so much mate! :aww:
God-of-Toskonot Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2011
youre welcome :3
georgemiser Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2011
well, at least she got to see her bosses feet. i would have tickled them myself, at the risk of losing my job.
Foxy-Feet Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
lol ;) Thanks so much mate! :w00t: :dance:
georgemiser Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2011
no prob. maybe you can write a sequil where she convinces her boss to let her tickle her feet.
Foxy-Feet Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Maybe I will ;)
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